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Piano Lesson 8
C Major Scale, Piano Practice, Tetrachord, Rhythmic Patterns

Piano lesson 8 is the second of two free lessons offered on this site. It covers the following topics: new Treble clef notes A, B (first octave) and C (second octave), C Major scale, tetrachord(s), rhythmic patterns, and a new melody for practicing. This piano lesson, along with the first piano lesson, will give you a clear idea and understanding of what you are going to learn in the complete piano course. The course includes all 22 piano lessons and covers all basic music fundamentals, as well as all necessary and important topics of piano instruction: from essential piano skills such as piano layout and basic music notation, to chords, scales, rhythm and meter, music theory, and essential principles of piano technique. The course will teach you the same concepts, principles, and techniques that you would get at a private lesson, or in a music school. You will learn how to read music and play piano pieces within a very short time. For more information and to order either a printable version of the complete piano course, or my published piano lessons book by mail, visit the piano course page. But before you get started, let me give you a few tips for making the most of your piano practice. First and foremost, please keep your piano practice regular! A brief daily piano practice is more beneficial than a long practice once in a while. Start your piano practice with scales and finger exercises. Focus on the technically difficult areas in a piece, play them slowly enough so that you can move your fingers accurately until you get them right without looking. Practice your pieces with separate hands until you feel confident that you can move on to playing them with both hands. Count carefully, pay attention to key signatures and accidentals; use a metronome if necessary. Always believe in yourself and make your piano practice a success.

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