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Minor Scale, Double Flat, Double Sharp, Harmonic Scale, Melodic Scale, Natural Scale

       Piano lesson 21 covers the following topics: the minor scale, which is a diatonic scale based on seven different pitches ordered in a specific pattern of whole and half steps (whole, half, whole, whole, half, whole, whole); types of minor scales: natural scale, harmonic scale, and melodic scale; a double sharp, a double flat, and a new melody for practicing. An initial portion of lesson 21 is displayed below. The complete course includes all 22 piano lessons and covers all basic music fundamentals, including music theory, piano chords, scales, musical rhythm, musical meter (time signatures), musical sight-reading, and essential principles of piano technique. For more information about the lessons and to order the complete piano course, click on the Piano Course link below.

Learn minor scale, double flat, double sharp, harmonic scale, and melodic scale.

4 pages

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