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Easy Way to Learn Piano - Learn Music Notation, Music Rhythm, Hand Position, Piano Fingering

Is there a fast and easy way to learn piano? My unique piano lessons teach you the easy way to learn piano fundamentals and improve your skills from home without a teacher. Piano lesson one is the first lesson in the complete piano course of 22 piano lessons - a comprehensive, easy to learn and understand introduction to the technique and practice of piano playing and performance. This lesson covers music notation, music rhythm, hand position, piano fingering, and a time signature. This is an introductory lesson and many topics, such as, for example, piano fingering, or a time signature, or the essentials of music notation will be discussed in-depth in other lessons throughout the course. In subsequent lessons you will move on to learn piano chords, harmony, other elements of music, and piano technique. My piano course focuses on building a solid foundation for students who want to learn piano and develop knowledge of the fundamentals of music theory and performance technique. I am very proud to share my unique piano teaching method with all interested students and teachers. With a bit of patience and practice, you can generally learn piano on your own. This approach is the easiest way to learn piano as the course is designed based on my extensive (over 35 years) piano teaching experience. I am often asked about how long it will take to learn piano. My teaching method always results in fast learning of the piano. It is a unique and an exciting way to learn piano within a very short time, mostly within weeks.

Now, before you get started let me say a few words about music notation. Why should you learn music notation? Learning music notation is often the first step in learning how to play an instrument and if you learn music notation, you will be ready to read music for any instrument you decide to learn in the future. It is needless to say that music notation is the most immediate representation of music and universal language for all instruments.

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Download piano lesson 1 now to learn music notation, music rhythm, hand position, piano fingering. Learn piano chords, harmony, and other elements of music in subsequent lessons.

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