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You can view my free piano lessons 1 and 8 by clicking on the corresponding links at the bottom of this page. While my free piano lessons, and free piano tutorials - free piano instruction cover just a few important topics of piano instruction, they will give you a clear idea and understanding of what you are going to learn in the complete piano course, and what you should expect from it. You will see that my free piano lessons and free piano tutorials, as well as the complete piano course, are unlike any other lessons and tutorials available on the internet today. Each single lesson covers as many topics as several lessons offered by other teachers, while subsequent lessons build upon the theory and practice of piano playing mastered in the previous lesson. The lessons are suitable for all levels of experience and abilities, from complete beginners to advanced levels, and all age groups from children to adults. They will teach you any style of music you want to play. But before you get started, always keep this in mind: the only secret of great piano playing is knowledge and lots of practice.

Now, let me highlight some of the advantages of my piano lessons. They are:

  • suit all levels of experience and abilities, from beginning to advanced levels, and all age groups, from children to adults
  • logically organized and based on over 35 years of piano teaching experience, well-developed, proven, unique methods of learning the elements and techniques of music through the playing of musical pieces
  • printable
  • cover all basic music fundamentals, as well as all necessary and important topics of piano instruction: from essential piano skills such as piano layout and basic music notation, to chords, scales, rhythm and meter, music theory, and essential principles of piano technique
  • help students improve their musical hearing, musical memory, motor skills, and logical thinking
  • accompanied by melodies to illustrate the practical application of the material covered within the lesson. The lessons allow students to seamlessly integrate music theory and practical performance skills within a very short time.

Are you still in doubt? Start to learn piano playing with the first lesson, or view piano lesson 8, all 22 printable piano lessons, or order the complete piano course now.

Free piano lessons, free piano tutorials, and free piano instruction. View complete piano course now.

“These are the greatest and most productive piano lessons I’ve ever had. I’ve learned how to play the piano within a week.”
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