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Piano Lessons, Piano Tutorials, and Piano Instruction with Music Education Express

Piano lessons, piano tutorials, and piano instruction with Music Education Express.

Piano Lessons - Complete Piano Training Program

Music Education Express is a website that is dedicated to delivering high standards and excellent quality piano lessons and piano tutorials designed for students of all ages and different levels of experience who love the piano and want to quickly learn how to play. These piano lessons and piano tutorials are based on my well-developed, proven, unique methods of learning the elements and techniques of music through the playing of musical pieces. The lessons cover all basic music fundamentals and all necessary and important topics of piano instruction: from essential piano skills such as piano layout and basic music notation, to chords, scales, rhythm and meter, music theory, and essential principles of piano technique. If you have never taken piano lessons before, don't worry: my piano lessons and piano tutorials will teach you the same concepts, principles, and techniques that you would get at a private lesson, or in a music school. These lessons are a complete piano training program, just like having a piano teacher in your home. They will give you a unique opportunity to learn how to play the piano from the very beginning within a very short time, as they help you discover your potential as a pianist.

Piano Lessons - Theory and Practice of Piano Playing

I am a long-established piano teacher with a private piano studio located in East Hanover, New Jersey, and a member of the Music Teachers National Association. I consider it a privilege to share my extensive (over 35 years) piano teaching experience and thorough pedagogical background with you, as well as my proven, unique methods of teaching the piano. It has given me the ability to teach any musical style to anyone.

While all the lessons and tutorials are primarily intended for beginners, they are also extremely useful to more advanced students, and to teachers, who want to learn new tools and techniques for teaching the piano. The lessons are logically organized, each single lesson covers as many topics as several lessons offered by other teachers, while each subsequent lesson builds upon the theory and practice of piano playing mastered in the previous lesson. My piano lessons and piano tutorials allow students to seamlessly integrate music theory and practical performance skills within a very short time. Given sufficient practice, and following the lessons in the order in which they are presented, you will notice progress after only a few lessons - within weeks, not months or years, as with most other methods of piano instruction. My method of teaching the piano will save you a tremendous amount of time. You do not have to go through hundreds of pages reading tutorials and trying to find the main ideas. I have covered all important topics of piano instruction within the 78 pages of my piano course. These lessons are your source for the most effective, efficient, and quickest method of learning the piano. Your musical hearing, musical memory, motor skills, and logical thinking will show marked and steady improvement. The lessons are printable in PDF format and include music theory followed by practical exercises and practice tips. But let me remind you that repetition of the piano lessons is an essential element in successful learning of piano performance skills, and the development of piano technique starts at the beginning of piano instruction.

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